Zing Zang Award Winning Bloody Mary Mix

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This is not just your ordinary Bloody Mary mix! We came up with a blending of broth and choice spices to make your Zing Zang experience lasting. This mix has 80% vegetable juices and came out an exceptionally stimulating and luscious drink. Zing Zang is savory due to its blending of excellent ingredients.

Enjoy Zing Zang with ice or frozen and with or without your darling vodka. Simply mix a crush of lime juice and celery stalk and voila, a refreshing, chilling and invigorating beverage.

2002  Rated Excellent by Beverage Testing Winner of Chicago and 1st Place, The National Fiery Foods Challenge by National Champion Bloody Mary MixFat free

Ingredientsvegetable juice, tomato puree, spices, white distilled vinegar, seasonings. It has wheat gluten fish and soy.