Vicious Viper Hot Sauce

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Many say that Sonova Beach is a way of life. Whether it’s true or not just try this spicy Chesapeake seafood hot sauce and you’re on the way to be a believer of Sonova too. This sauce is perfect as marinades, dips, and cooking enhancers. Perfect to all kind of fresh seafood, grilled or eaten raw, for marinating or dips for chicken, wings, turkey, pork and any game.


Awarded as:

2nd Place, Seafood Sauce in Philadelphia during the Food & wine Festival in 1997


Featured in the following news and magazines:

DE State News

Fiery Food Magazine

Chile Pepper Magazine


Ingredients: cayenne peppers, Dijon mustard seed, fresh garlic, red wine, horseradish, herbs, white wine vinegar, spices, lemon juice, corn syrup, sugar, tomato paste and salt


Product of Peppers in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware